Kai's Table


Starting March 6th, Kai's Table is now owned and operated by Kai's Hospitality LA LLC, a Subsidiary of Kai's Hospitality Group incorporated.


Kai’s Table is a new restaurant concept focused on getting back to basics. Enjoying quality food with the people that matter. Food that not only awakens the senses but elevates the mood and inspires connection. We’ve thought through every detail, hand-picked every ingredient, and scoured the globe for the best flavors we could find. So whether you come sit at our table, or invite us to yours, what you’ll get is a memorable, provoking, flavor-filled experience you won’t soon forget.


A chef by trade and accomplished restaurateur, Kai’s expertise spans across all aspects of restaurant management, with a keen knowledge for what happens in a kitchen. His culinary know-how includes both macro and micro levels of understanding for all the elements at play in a busy restaurant. Norman’s breath of experience ranges from building restaurants and bars from the ground up, to reorganizing and optimizing pre-existing venues. 

Norman has always had a passion for building businesses that add value to surrounding neighborhoods. Recent current events have pushed him to bring that passion to life in a more tangible way and focus exclusively on creating broader hospitality concepts designed specifically to uplift and support his community. Although Norman’s work has a global reach, he now remains focused on New York and Los Angeles to launch his new concepts.


Here at Kai’s Table, our goal, first and foremost, is to give you the best dinning experience possible. How we plan to do this is by preparing the best ingredients we can find daily. Making every dish from scratch daily we ensure the freshness of every dish we put out. Our goal is to fuse fine dining with global inspired comfort food from around the world. Executing all of this at one time will allow us to create a memorable experience.

Take a look at our restaurant.